Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh, no he didn't...

When you catch a man staring at you from across the bar and find yourself wondering if your eyebrows are as perfectly tamed and arched as, hide, and chug.

We appreciate that men like to keep themselves looking fresh, but by no means do we like when you look better than us. No, we don't want you to resemble Eugene Levy, but for the love of testosterone stay away from the wax! Pluck the unibrow, it only worked for Frida, trim those caterpillar brows here and there and you're good to go. Let's be honest, if you wax those bad boys you look borderline tranny (no offense to fabulous drag queens). Also, we don't want to find out about your best friends professional plucking skills by pulling a Joey Tribbiani and only being man enough to successfully wax one brow!

Men, do us all a favor and keep the serious man-scaping below the belt.

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