Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mad for Mod, Past and Present

Mod, which began in England in the 1950's, that had it's peak only 10 years later is still seen in today's fashion. It was all about rebelling; girls were androgynous with their short hairstyles.  They wore men's clothing or pushed the limits in short mini skirts and huge fake eyelashes. Two women of the past mod subculture that captured the true essence of it were Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick.
They rocked short, blonde hair, black eyeliner, big lashes, over-the-top fashions, & free spirits. 
"I think something very weird's going on now, 'cause the power that is permitted to youth is quite extraordinary. And they are sort of run by that kind of power." -Edie

Today's Mod, though somewhat toned down, is still present in fashion. Two of my favorite looks are from Agyness Deyn and Zooey Deschanel.  Agyness has the Mod hair and makeup down to a science and Zooey has the flirty vibe in her print mini skirts and with her big lashes enhancing her blue eyes.

So to get you all in Mod Mode hears an awesome playlist for you to boogie to: 

And also, how cool is the Iphone case from

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We all love the Brit saying, and many have made it famous for giving it their own flare. You HAVE to check out this website ...perfect time killer and its just fucking fun!


One of my go-to blogs is 5 inch and up! Sandra has style to die for and always gives her readers something to look forward to wether it be the new collection fresh out of the designer show room or unique DIY's. She manages to keep it neutral a lot of the time but still show some edge which I LOVE, here are some shots from her most recent posts!

Everybody Loves Dave...

Standing here The old man said to me Long before these crowded streets 
Here stood the Dreaming Tree

There are so many reasons why this wine collaboration between Steve Reeder & Dave Matthews, has tickled our fancy. 'I make wines for people who drink. I don't make wines for people to put in their cellar.'-Steve Reeder , AMEN TO THAT! They set out looking for a way to make quality wines accessible to everyone, The Dreaming Tree has done just that coming in at $14.99.Crush is a blend of Dave & Steve's favorite varieties, creating a red wine that has a smokey berry taste without the harsh bite of most that we mean you can the fill the glass and finish it quickly without getting heartburn. Happy Sippin'

Monday, May 21, 2012

Zetus Lapetus! We love neon.

The 80's are back! Don't be scared, hair krimping and leg warmers are still a thing of the past, but neon is all the rage this season. Speaking of neon and rage, let's not forget Ashley on St. Patty's Day this year in her neon green hat that literally says "RAGE" on it.
So whether it be apparel, accessories, or cosmetics, make sure you incorporate neon into your wardrobe. Please just don't wear it all at once. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Show Me Your Teeth

For the first time this year, we're pretty confident the warm weather is here to stay. What better way to celebrate than spending some of that hard-earned bar money on new accessories?! We love the chunky, bright styles this time of year but don't kill the trend. Showing your summer spirit in a more subtle way is sometimes better, simple SHARK TOOTH pieces are huge on our list of summer must-haves!